FF Plus launch election campaign in PE

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The Freedom Front Plus has launched its election campaign in Port Elizabeth with the new slogan for the 2019 elections being “Fight Back”.


Party leader Dr Pieter Groenewald has called on South Africans to register and vote for the FF-Plus if they want change.

The FF-Plus believes with a significant amount of votes they can bring change to South Africa

Port Elizabeth was chosen for the launch because research shows they have growing support in the Metro.

Groenewald says five key points were on the agenda.

“The five focus areas we identify is firstly the expropriation of land without compensation, then we also say crime in SA the murder rate is five times than the world average and thirdly we focus on corruption and misappropriation of use of tax money in SA. Fourth we say we focus on affirmative action, we have to build the economy to create jobs, jobs is what SA needs and if you have affirmative action, we say just make merit the principal and the poor service delivery in SA.”

Looking for change, supporters have faith in their political party of choice.

“I have the fullest confidence that the Freedom Front Plus will look after the minority and a brown man who is in the minority we will take this party forward,”

“So there is hope in SA and the Freedom Front says we will fight for you we will fight for your rights”

The FF-Plus will have their manifesto launch in Gauteng.