Indications are that the Freedom Front Plus could be doing well in the Western Cape. The party lost it’s only seat in the provincial legislature in the 2014 elections, but Stellenbosch University political analyst, Erwin Schwella says this could change.

The Freedom Front Plus is at number four on the election results board, behind the ANC, DA, and EFF.

The party is so far performing better than the IFP which was in fourth place after the 2014 elections.

It is followed by the ACDP headed by Kenneth Meshoe and the Good party at number seven headed by Patricia De Lille

Schwella shares his predictions about the FF Plus and the ACDP.

“There is an increase in the support of the Freedom Front in the Western Cape. The ACDP predictions that they would do better would also be disappointed, at one stage predictions gave them 5 to 6%, now coming in at 3% roughly.”