FF+ dismayed that some voters could not vote

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The Freedom Front Plus has expressed concern that some South Africans were not able to cast their ballots yesterday.

The party says this is due to alleged discrepancies in the registration of some voters.

The FF Plus’ Wouter Wessels spoke to SABC News at the National Results Operations Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg.

“We have many, many instances of (the) electorate just not being able to vote. They were correctly registered, they have proof thereof, they checked their registration status over the registration weekend and all of a sudden, they are registered in a place where they have never lived, never registered at and that’s very very strange. Then the system is saying a person is only eligible to vote in one place.”

“Those people were turned away, they couldn’t vote on all their ballots. So, we are concerned and our party agents picked that up but once again South Africans were vigilant, they stood in those queues although it took long, unnecessarily long, they were excited to vote,” says Wessels.