Freedom Front Plus Leader in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament Peter Marais has criticised the provincial government for alleged failure to avail enough funds to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Marais was speaking in Cape Town during a media briefing convened by Speaker of the provincial legislature Masizole Mnqasela.

The briefing was aimed at outlining steps needed to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the province.

All political parties there agreed on the need to establish a Whatsapp group, to cancel tour groups at the legislature and sanitation points at key areas in the building. Political leaders also agreed to meet their constituencies to raise awareness.

In the video below, political parties commit to work together to fight COVID-19:

Marais says without funds dispensed to assist the poor, all these efforts are in vain.

“Coronavirus cannot be defeated by talk and press statements. We need funds; we need money, lots of it. People in informal settlements don’t even have water, they neither have soap but that’s all what we think. We tell them ‘wash your hands, use soap and don’t gather in close proximity to each other’ when we know that they are living cheek by jaw.”

Mnqasela says all care has been taken to look into the needs of the most vulnerable.

In the video below, political parties call on social partners to unite in fighting COVID-19.