Festive season travellers expected to increase in numbers in Durban

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The port city of Durban is expecting a bumper festive season. Over a million visitors are expected over the festive season.

The six-week period could generate close to R4 billion in revenue for the city.

The sprawling Durban beachfront and it’s golden beaches and warm ocean are a magnet for beach-goers.

With sunny weather returning after a week of rain, more than 200 000 people visited the province’s coastline this weekend.

The city says this number is, however, lower than it’s been on previous Reconciliation Days.

Travellers say they are cautious about spending.

One traveller says, “It requires a lot of saving for me to be able to bring my children here. I only bring them here in December.”

Another traveller shares the same feelings. “Considering the fact that our country has been downgraded, so one must look at his pocket before taking any trip, but luckily Durban is affordable.”

Others just love what Durban has to offer.

“I’m coming all the way from Vereeniging and I have been coming here for more than 10 years, because I enjoy it.”

Business is good for most hotels in the city and the province.

Over 90% of hotels are already fully-booked.

Phillip Sithole, Deputy Chief Manager of Economic Development and Planning, says, “We want to assure our visitors that during this period they can come in numbers. The places are safe. There is enough security. Traffic control measures are in place. If they are coming as families with kids we have plans in place to ensure that there are no children wandering around and getting lost.”

A large police contingent has been deployed throughout the city to ensure the safety of holidaymakers.