Ferguson inspired by #MeToo to report rape case

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Former African National Congress (ANC) MP and singer Jennifer Ferguson says her upcoming shows at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town next month are inspired by the #MeToo movement.

The campaign has seen scores of celebrities come forward with their stories of rape and sexual assault.

Ferguson says her concerts are a response to her recent disclosure of being a rape survivor. She laid a rape charge against soccer boss Danny Jordaan over the weekend.

The incident allegedly took place in a Port Elizabeth hotel 24 years ago.

Ferguson says the shows at the Baxter Theatre will be about healing.

“I’m hoping that these concerts are going to both a platform for the expression of what is difficult and the difficult journey that not only me but so many millions of women are going through as they are trying to speak their truth. Most importantly, a sense of healing; how do we heal out of these traumatic experiences and also how do we celebrate our lives because the identity of being a rape survivor is just one aspect of who we are,” says Ferguson.

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