International Afro-soul star Nomfusi says she will remember legendary and internationally renowned jazz musician Hugh Masekela for his humour.

Masekela died on Tuesday morning after a long battle with prostate cancer. The renowned musician was 78.

Nomfusi collaborated twice with Masekela in Europe and was cast as Miriam Makeba in the movie Long Walk To Freedom.

She says the experience was surreal as they sang her song, My Hero.

Nomfusi says she also changed her hairstyle after Masekela ridiculed it.

“He was so funny. I remember that time I had a hairstyle you know when you cut the sides and leave the top and you curl it. I remember him mocking me about my hairstyle. I remember him saying why did you fry your hair, after that I went back to my afro.”

Jazz artist Putuma Tiso, who worked closely with Masekela for several years, says Bra Hugh, as he was affectionately known, was like a father and mentor.

She adds that she will soon be releasing an album that the legend himself had produced.

“Bra Hugh was a father and mentor. He never expected anything form me in return even if he would call me in studio and say come and do something for me, he would still pay me. I have an album that was recorded and was produced by him and he even paid for the studio in East London, the Miriam Makeba studio and I just want to release that album for the fact that he is no longer with us, because he also played on that album.”

Fellow musician Tu Nokwe says Bra Hugh’s life and legacy needs to be celebrated.