FEATURE: Educational apps your children can use during lockdown

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Cybercriminals used Covid-19 information to create fake websites to trick the victims into downloading attachments and emails that were infected with malicious code.

The global war against COVID-19 is central to all countries, as a third of the world remains on lockdown in attempts to conquer it. A few industries stand to benefit by regarding this crisis as an opportunity. One of these is the technology space. In this series titled, COVID Tech, SABC News’ Tshepiso Moche reports on coronavirus-related tech developments in South Africa and globally. 

Keeping your children busy during this lockdown period can be a very difficult task especially if you are working from home.

It’s been almost three months now since the government put the country under lockdown, which meant that schools and early childhood development (ECD) centres had to close their gates.

The lockdown was one of the measures by government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to flatten the curve in the country.

This week in our COVID-19 Tech Feature, we look at five apps that can help keep your children entertained and learning at the same time.

One of many ways to keep children focused is to make their learning fun.

From sharpening their maths skills to learning a different language and even coding, there are many apps on IOS and on Android that will keep your children’s’ minds sharp and entertained.

Below are apps that can help your young ones learn and at the same time get entertained:

LingoKids App

This app has been designed to improve your child’s critical thinking and cognitive skills among others.

The LingoKids app teaches children numbers, colours, shapes and alphabets among many things.

The app has been developed for children between 2 and 8-years-old.

The app also teaches children how to pronounce and spell English words and helps improve their vocabulary.

This educational app has an engaging interface and allows parents to track their children’s progress.

The app can be downloaded on both IOS and Android.

Think!Think! puzzle App

Think!Think! puzzle app was created by a team of teaching experts and was designed to help children harness their ‘thinking sense’.

The app has short, timed puzzles that sharpen the players’ lateral thinking and spatial reasoning skills.

This is one of the apps that will make learning fun for children.

The app is designed by a team of educational research experts who also designed content for the Japan Math Olympic and Global Math Challenge.

The App is available on Apple IOS and Android.

CodeSpark Academy App

CodeSpark allows kids to learn key performing concepts and use them to code their own projects in the game maker.

The app has introduced millions of children in 201 countries around the globe to the ABCs of computer science.

This is the app that will teach your young one the basics of computer programming.

It also teaches them how to code and build their own games.

Parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress.

This app proves that it’s never too early or too late to start introducing the world of coding to your children.

The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android.

WolframAlpha App

If your child is struggling with calculations, chemistry, statistics and physics, WolframAlpha is the app that will help your children improve in those subjects.

This is a must-have educational app purchase for both students and those who need an encyclopedia in their pocket.

WolframAlpha was developed by Stephen Wolfram.

He is also the brain behind Mathematica.

The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android.

iMathematics App

If your child is struggling with mathematics,  iMathematics is the app for you.

The iMathematics app is your personal math tutor.

From analytical geometry, algebra to trigonometry functions,  iMathematics has got you covered.

This app has got over 70 topics with clear and simple explanations.

The app also allows you to keep track of your performance with a daily graph.

It can be downloaded on IOS and Android.

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