Fathers and sons against gender-based violence

Marchers with anti-abuse placards
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Fathers and their sons took to the streets of Pietermaritzburg on Monday as part of the campaign against gender-based violence.

The men say they are responding to calls that men need to take a stand against domestic violence and other forms of abuse against women and children.

Pastor Mvunga Khomo and his son Mthobisi Mathenjwa were among a group of men who want to lead by example. Pastor Khomo says fathers need to step up.

“Every man is born by women in a form of a mother. Every man has got a woman around him in a form of a sister and every man is going to grow up having a wife who is a woman. Others are raised by grandmothers,” says Pastor Khomo.

Mathenjwa says young men must start discussing the role they need to play to fight abuse of women and children.

“As young men, we must assist in protecting our mothers, sisters against abusers. Sometimes you are raised by a stepfather that abuses the mother and as a child you have to plead with the abuser,” says Mathenjwa.

The local municipality says it has improved its services to assist victims. The fathers and sons hope to spread their message to other communities.

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