Farmer killings a serious chain reaction: Afriforum

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Civil rights group, AfriForum says the killing of farmers has a serious chain reaction.

It says it will launch Project Nahema, a 10 point plan for safeguarding farms and rural areas soon.

AfriForum briefed the media during a meeting with religious leaders and the Provincial Minister of Community Safety Dan Plato.

This comes ahead of a planned mass gathering of farmers and civil society on the N1 near Stellenbosch Tuesday morning to raise concern about the ongoing attacks on farmers and farmworkers across the country.

AfriForum spokesperson, Thomas van Dalen, says there have been 70 farm murders in the country in 2017.

“Obviously farming safety is about food security. I think that’s one of the biggest points of contention at this stage. The moment that we don’t look at the farmers and we don’t look at the farming community and that includes everybody on the farm it’s not only about the farmer himself it’s about his family it’s about his workers people will be chased off the farms.”