Famine stalks millions in South Sudan after droughts, floods

A WFP (World Food Program) helicopter is seen on the flooded airstrip, after heavy rains and floods
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The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has warned of a potential famine in South Sudan in the next few months as an increasing number of people seek food assistance due to flood, drought and conflict.

The WFP now says at least 5,5 million people will be in need of food aid at the beginning of next year and it is in a race against time to raise funds to feed them.

Executive Director for the WFP, David Beasley says, “South Sudan is in trouble, serious trouble. Not just because of the conflict but because of the rains and the flooding that has hit in the last few months. It is much worse than we had anticipated.

“In fact, if we don’t get a US$ 100 million in the next few weeks and next few months, we are literally talking about famine in the next few months. We need support; we need help; and we need it now. It is not about WFP. It is about the little boys and little girls and families that we need to save,” Beasley adds.