Family struggling with Robbie Malinga’s passing

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Family and friends of Afro-pop singer Robbie Malinga say they are struggling to come to terms with his death.

Tributes are pouring in on social media for Malinga, who died Monday at the age of 49.

He had been ill for a number of months and was admitted to hospital in June after being diagnosed with anaemia.

Meanwhile, members of the music fraternity in South Africa are mourning the loss of the Afro-pop veteran singer and producer.

Music producer TK Nciza, says he will always remember the passion Malinga had for music.

“He was a very funny guy, he was a family man, he loved his people he loved his music. He was a genius. He was an amazing friend. We will remember him for many years to come. He was a genius of Afro pop I mean he brought Afro pop back into the game. He was very passionate I mean he would come at my house at 12 o clock at night, leave at 3am, we meeting the following morning or the same morning at 8 trying to guide the type of music we want to produce for our artists so you I will remember his passion for his music and his love for his artists.”

The hashtag RIPRobbieMalinga has continued to trend on twitter.

Messages of condolences for the afro-pop veteran have flooded social media since his passing.

On twitter the South African government says they are heartbroken to learn the news of Malinga’s untimely passing.

The South African music association also tweeted: “Thank you for the authentic South African sounds. We will forever cherish and remember your dedication and contribution to the music industry”.

The renowned music producer was responsible for shaping the careers of many artists including Kabelo Mabalane and Mzekezeke.

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