Family seeks answers after woman found alive in morgue

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An ambulance company in Gauteng has welcomed investigations into allegations that its paramedics are untrained and negligent after a woman was found alive in a mortuary in Carletonville on the Gauteng West Rand.

Paramedics from ‘ Distress Alert ‘ are alleged to have pronounced the woman dead at the scene of a crash on June 24 after which she was taken to the morgue.

She is recovering in hospital and her family are demanding answers.

The morgue authorities and police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Operations manager at Distress Alert, Gerrit Bradnick, says their own internal investigation revealed that their paramedics did nothing wrong.

He says: “Declarations were done according to medical and death counts protocol. The patients showed no signs of life on the scene. Our paramedical followed their protocol and procedures 100%. Our internal investigation at this point has shown no negligence by the crew.”

‘We welcome any investigation by the authorities to vindicate Distress Alert from any wrongdoing in this situation,” adds Bradnick.