The family of two boys, who were poisoned allegedly by their father in Valkop near Brits, in the North West, says it wants to see justice being served. The family wants the court to deny bail to the 38-year-old accused, Dannyboy Khumalo.

He allegedly poisoned his sons, aged 11 and 12. The boys were buried at their home in Swaneville, Krugersdrop.

In the video below, family is in shock after two brothers die from poison allegedly in the hands of their father: 

There was a sombre mood as the two coffins were being lowered into the graves. The family is struggling to come to terms with its loss. The boys, 11-year-old Lesego Mosia and his 12-year-old brother Koketso Mosia, were visiting Khumalo during the lockdown, when he allegedly poisoned them.

Family representative, Motlalentwa Mosia, says they have been left with many unanswered questions and they want justice to prevail.

“Another painful thing is that when somebody has committed a crime, they get arrested but after a while, he’ll be out. That hurts us. The person gets arrested, from there, they pop out money, pay for bail, he gets released, while our children are buried.”

An appeal was also been made for the country to fight against gender-based violence. Many, including the ANC Women’s League, in the region, are calling for Khumalo to remain behind bars if he’s found guilty.

“When this man applies for bail, it must be denied. As Women’s League, we oppose the bail because men in South Africa abuse women, they don’t respect women’s rights so as women we need to stand up,” the Women’s League representative said.

Those who knew the boys say they will miss their sense of humour and energy.

“They were always happy, they never wanted unnecessary conflicts. They brought so much fun everywhere, even at rehearsals.”

Khumalo is expected to make a formal bail application in the Brits Magistrate’s Court 2 June.