The family of the eight people who were killed at Esigcakini in Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday night say they have been left traumatised by the brutal killings.

Family member Maqhawe Nzimande says three of his relatives were among the deceased. The remaining five people who were also shot and killed are believed to be family friends.

He says a one-year-old baby and his mother survived the attack after they hid in a wardrobe. Nzimande says the family does not know the reason for the attack.

“They broke down the doors, luckily they didn’t see the one who was hiding under the bed and they managed to take the one-year-old and hide him inside the wardrobe. They took some stuff from the house even though we don’t know the rest of the things but they took the TV sets, cellphone’s and some clothes.”

The video below is an update on the killings:

Nzimande questions the safety of the area, alleging that in August last year, five people were shot in Richmond.

“We’re really traumatised and devastated as a family with what happened. There’s nothing we can do right now but wait for the police to do their investigation. We’ll hear from them what will happen. Because so far there are no suspects in this matter. We’re scared this is no longer a safe place. People just break into your house and take what they want and no one has been arrested. Even to hear of an arrest is a rare case. We would like Bheki Cele to come here at Richmond.”