The lawyer for Lindsay Myeni, the widow of Lindani Myeni, says the newly-released recording of events leading to the killing of the South African former rugby player clearly reveals that there was no burglary or any other crime being committed at the premises where the incident occurred.

Police in Honolulu in the US state of Hawaii released the recording on Saturday.

Attorney Jim Bickerton has issued a hard-hitting statement, saying the 911-call recording is very confusing.

He says it merely shows a misunderstanding, while pointing to the caller’s dramatic overreaction that, in his view, demonstrated that a serious crime has been committed in this case.

Bickerton says the caller and her husband – who can be heard talking to Myeni in the background on the call – have not come forward to defend their conduct, showing that they know they overreacted by sending an unknowing man into the dark at night with armed police on the way.

He says Myeni left the AirBnB, which has four rooms available to rent, peacefully and returned to his vehicle outside. They believe Myeni might have mistaken the house for the Temple right next door, because he had removed his shoes and left them in his car.

Bickerton again highlights that police arrived without announcing themselves and without sirens activated and immediately commanded Myeni to get on the ground, while pointing to the caller who at this point was in a “high-strung and hysterical” state.

Bickerton says Myeni would have been blinded by the police Maglite and unaware of who was ordering him to the ground. The family attorney says Myeni was attacked and was simply trying to defend himself.

US police brutality under spotlight after the shooting of Lindani Myeni:

A memorial service for Myeni, will be held in his hometown of Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday. The 29-year-old will be laid to rest on Saturday.

Myeni’s body arrived in the country on Saturday and a prayer service was held before his body was taken to KwaZulu-Natal.

Social Development Minister pays tribute to Myeni: