Families, friends urged to monitor matriculants for signs of depression

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Experts are urging families and friends of matriculants to closely monitor them for signs of depression or anxiety.

This as the date for the release of the national results for the matric class of 2019 draws nearer.

The results will be released on Tuesday, while individual outcomes will be available at schools the following day.

The Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi, approved the matric examination results for release on Friday.

Over 600 000 full-time learners and more than 100 000 part-time candidates sat for the examinations.

Speaking during a media briefing in Pretoria, Umalusi CEO Dr Mafu Rakometsi said the organisation was satisfied that there were no systemic irregularities and no paper leaks.

“When you look at the whole process, from when the time when the papers are printed to the time when they are packaged and distributed to different centres, it is a massive operation and we have to appreciate the efforts of everybody involved in the process,” says  Rakometsi.

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