Families continue to struggle as prices of basic necessities rise

Food market
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Many families around the country are struggling to keep their heads above water as prices of basic necessities continue to rise amid the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which started three months ago is also leading to global spikes in the prices of commodities like wheat, sunflower oil, and fuel.

Russia is a major oil producer.

In the Free State, Mangaung resident, Paseka Khethelo says their family can no longer afford the cost of paraffin.

They are now resorting to firewood for cooking and to quell the unforgiving cold weather condition.

The unemployment rate in the Free State stands at 45.8%. Khethelo says they’re living hand-to-mouth.

“We are struggling we have nothing, we struggle to get piece jobs. We don’t have water you can name it. So you can see we rely on brazen brazier it’s tough as paraffin is not good for our health. We would be pleased if we can get electricity. That would help a great deal. Others would be water infrastructure, toilets, and houses. Even our shacks are muddy we don’t work.”

Cost of living is rising at an alarming rate: