Faith leaders attacked by refugees in Cape Town church

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A group of refugees that were being accommodated at the Central Methodist Church in Cape Town has attacked faith leaders and peace brokers.

The incident, which occurred during an interfaith meeting at the church on Friday morning, has resulted in several injuries.

The injured include Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba and Human Rights Commissioner Chris Nissen.

Makgoba says one of the pastors was also brutally assaulted. He says the extent of the injuries is unclear at this stage.

He says it seems like the anger was directed at a particular pastor.

“I don’t know his name because as soon as he took the microphone everybody just stood up and went and beat him up.”

“We were there to give a report, and an object was thrown blindly towards us and it hit me on the forehead. I think when they were beating up the other pastor, Reverend Nissen was also beaten up,” says Makgoba.