Factions of ANC benefitted from monies stolen from State Security: Inspector General

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Inspector General of Intelligence Setlhomamaru Dintwe says factions of the African National Congress (ANC) benefitted from monies stolen from the State Security Agency.

Dintwe has echoed evidence by earlier witnesses regarding the role of the governing party in the SSA affairs, including allegations that it paid millions to former President Jacob Zuma through former Intelligence Minister David Mahlobo.

Dintwe has clarified that it was not just one faction of the ANC that benefitted from the money.

“Our findings are that these monies have been used for other things that in fact could affect our national security adversely for example some of that money could be used to fuel political tensions there is evidence in our possession that some of those monies were used to finance a particular faction within the governing party and in other jurisdictions you find that these monies can also be used fund terrorism.”


Dintwe says he has raised the prevalence of nepotism in the cadet programme of the State Security Agency (SSA).

Testifying at the State Capture Commission for a second time on Wednesday, Dintwe says that children and family members of political leaders and senior managers were recruited, given bursaries and some ultimately employed by the SSA without regard to any criteria or prior qualification.

“It is a frequent practice Chairperson. I was given a list of about 40 cadets and at that particular point, I am informed reliably that the then Minister of State Security Minister (Ronnie) Kasrils, actually disowned those students because he said that when he was going through the list he could identify that Minister that, other Minister that, other deputy Minister that, other Deputy Director-General … so he disowned about 40 graduates.”

Dintwe is testifying at the State Capture Commission:

Money stolen 

The Commission also hears that huge amounts of money have been looted from the State Security Agency. Dintwe has confirmed the testimony of several witnesses as to the absence as well as the flouting of financial controls at the SSA.

Dintwe says the stolen money was used for a number of purposes including the funding of ANC factions.

“So I take the money and I say that I am taking this money to Joseph Joseph could be a source or he could have done certain work for us and I just type I the undersigned confirm that I have received this particular money and there is just a signature no letterhead no nothing and we are talking huge amounts of money one of the transactions was equivalent to 200 000 euros or R2.7 million that was taken by a member and just go lost.”

In January, Acting Director General at the SSA Loyiso Jafta said there is a number of officials who owed the agency millions.

He says, ”The money was expended on  projects that were outside the boundaries of our legal mandate.”

Below is Jafta’s testimony: