The Free State Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs says it will soon send a disaster management team to areas affected by floods in Bloemfontein. Heavy rains fell in the areas on Friday night.

16 people were injured after being hit by corrugated iron sheets which were blown away by strong winds. Those who have been displaced by the floods are being housed in a community hall in Bochabela.

Residents of the Caleb Motshabi informal settlement have appealed to the Free State government to assist them to rebuild their shacks. They have been left with only clothes on their backs after heavy rains accompanied by strong winds.

Floods washed away the residents’ furniture, clothes and important documents. These residents say they need assistance of any kind, especially from the government.

“The books are gone, all my belongings are gone. Laptops that got information; everything is gone. I have to start all over again. I have lost everything and my two children are injured. I don’t know what to do.”

Meanwhile, Free State Disaster Management says the number of injured people has risen to 23.

Disaster management head,  Marcus Butler,  says they are collaborating with all authorities including the SAPS and Emergency Services to assess the damage the floods have caused.

“People were injured but they did not leave their houses due to the fact that they were scared they are going to lose their possessions. That is a sad reality of living in the informal settlement.”