Ezulwini and ANC debt issue will have a negative impact: Analyst

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Political Analyst Dr Levy Ndou says the debt issue between the ruling ANC and the KwaZulu-Natal based company, Ezulwini Investment, will definitely have a negative impact on the ruling party ahead of the 2024 elections.

The printing and marketing company says it produced election banners for the ruling party in 2019, however, it was not paid. The company took legal action against the ANC and has won in both the Gauteng High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Ndou says the general public is likely to lose confidence in the ruling ANC.

“The ANC is the leader of society, the governing party in SA and when it’s faced with situations similar to this one it raised a lot of uncertainty on to its members and the public in general. Because the ANC is the ruling party, it is vulnerable for public scrutiny. If the party has financial issues, it will have a huge impact as they approach the 2024 general elections. If you have the party that has to be dragged to the courts in order for them to comply with an important responsibility of paying a service provider, it has a negative impact. Here’s a governing party that cannot pay services providers, how then do we still give responsibility to them to continue running the country.”

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