Extra water tankers to service affected areas in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg Water has increased the number of roaming water tankers to 28. This is to service areas that are experiencing critically low levels of water.

Affected areas include Melville, Brixton, Robertsham, Northgate and Honeydew. Johannesburg Water spokesperson Nolwazi Dlamini says water shortages are a result of the pump failure that occurred at Rand Water’s Eikenhof pump station on Monday.

“Both the Helen Joseph and the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child hospitals’ water tanks are at 100% capacity. In the Commando system, the Hursthill 1 and 2 reservoirs are still experiencing poor pumping pressure, which will result in the feeder zones experiencing low water pressure. In the Brixton reservoir zone, the high-lying areas will still struggle with low pressure to no water. The Crown Gardens reservoir is currently closed, while both towers are empty. Residents in these areas will have no water; however, they currently have 18 roaming water tankers to service the feeder zones,” says Dlamini.