The expropriation of land without compensation should be implemented as soon as possible. This was said by Free State African National Congress Youth League Chairperson Makalo Mohale during the league’s youth rally in Bloemfontein.

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee will now move to the Free State after hearings in the Northern Cape. Mohale says the youth must emulate the youth of 1976 uprising in order to get their economic emancipation.

“They must not be misled by just grabbing the useless land like other parties are saying they must occupy vacant land even if it’s useless. We are going to encourage our young people to identify the prime land, particularly industries and occupy factories. To go and take over unused buildings.  We cannot buy stolen property, white people stole our land, that land must be returned to us that’s a long and short of it.  “ Click below for more the land issue: