The National Assembly has passed a resolution which rescinded and rejected the Expropriation Bill which it passed almost two years ago.

It will now be redrafted to bring it in sync with government’s plan to expropriate land without compensation.

The National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) had passed the Bill in 2016.

However, former President Jacob Zuma sent it back to Parliament after expressing constitutional concerns.

Over 200 MPs voted in favour of rejecting the Bill.

The Bill, which was in the making for over ten years, was aimed at repealing the 1975 Expropriation Act.

It was introduced by the Ministry of Public Works.

The Public Works Committee officially asked the House to withdraw the entire bill.

Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli confirmed the results after the Democratic Alliance (DA) called for a division for voting to take place at the allocated seats of MPs.

“Honourable members the outcome of the vote is as follows. No abstentions. 62 no and 210 yes. The motion is therefore agree to,” says Tsenoli.

The Bill is expected to be redrafted pending the outcome of the Constitutional Review Committee process which is currently reviewing section 25 of the constitution to expropriate land without compensation.

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