Retired Constitutional Court justice and human rights activist Albie Sachs says exposing corruption is one of the South Africa’s biggest gains in the 25 year since its democracy.

He has referred to institutions such as the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture before which a number of witnesses have exposed corruption and implicated people both in the public and private sectors.

Sachs says although whites remain privileged and racism and massive unemployment still exist, he’s convinced that efforts are being made to fight corruption.

“We are exposing the corruption ourselves. Our institutions are working, strong prosecuting authorities are in place now and the truth is coming out. We as South Africans are strong enough to maintain the truth and to help people answerable and accountable to the truth. To me, these are the huge gains in the 25 years.

“They don’t take away the inequalities but the give us the mechanism, the weapons, to deal with the things that are rotten and bad.”