Experts raise caution over Prime energy drink craze

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A new energy and hydration drink, Prime, has dominated posts on social media. But experts are concerned about the impact of energy drinks on the health of consumers.

Energy drinks are high in caffeine and, in some cases, sugar or artificial sweeteners.

This usually introduces a spike of energy- that’s not always sustainable. This can be harmful to blood sugar.

Dietician Katy Begg says “Me and my partner have sat and looked at all of them, the nutritional back round for it. It is a low calorie drink. The good part about it is that it has no added sugar in it, you obviously have a downside such as sweeteners. The caffeine one with 200mg, classified as an energy drink. Most caffeine drinks tend to have more than 200mg . Your standard cup of coffee for example really has about 50 to 100 mg of caffeine to it. So, you looking at having 2-3 cups of coffee every time you have a prime energy drink.”