Expert urges leaders to account for their actions

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Leadership Expert Dr Mazwe Majola says Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba must take accountability for his actions following the release of the sexually explicit video of him circulating on Social Media.

The constitution is the final arbiter in terms of how politicians must behave. This is according to Leadership Expert Dr Mazwe Majola on the position in which Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba currently finds himself following a sexually explicit video of him circulating on Social Media.

Gigaba claims his phone had been hacked and that the video was being used to try to extort money from him.

This however has not dampened calls by some members of the public that he should resign.

Gigaba’s Spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize says he believes the release of the video will not impact negatively on the minister’s duties.

He says due to Gigaba’s privacy being invaded by hackers, he won’t consider quitting his position.

However, Dr Majola insists that leaders need to be accountable for their actions.

“Accountability starts with you as a leader. It means you are responsible. It means that you are willing to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviours or actions. It’s not about blaming other people. I know it is easy to say this happened because who did this and it was meant for this; that may be true, but unfortunately there is a cost in leadership…There is a personal sacrifice. So one of the sacrifices is that when things happen; when your image is tarnished and your integrity is tarnished, you must be accountable as a leader.”

Majola laments a political culture in the country which does not see politicians taking responsibility for their actions.

He says that the issue should not be a matter of personal discretion, as the Constitution clearly spells out what ethical leadership entails, adding that offering an apology for various acts of impropriety is not enough, as Gigaba and other politicians have done.

Ultimately, he says action at the highest levels is required to embed ethical values within the country’s leaders.

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