Expert cautions NPA over corporate crime

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An expert in corporate crime, Bernard Hotz has warned authorities against making criminals know their intention to arrest them.  This comes after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) confirmed that it will formally serve Gupta-linked consultancy firms Trillian and McKinsey with notices of intent to attach their assets on Monday.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit is hoping to recoup assets related to consultancy work that the companies are supposed to have done for Eskom and Transnet.

Hotz says this would increase their chances of leaving the country or getting rid of evidence of their crimes.

He says the fact that reports say the offices of a Gupta-linked company Trillian has been vacated and cleared, means the company was aware of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)’s intentions to freeze its assets which are worth R1.6 billion.

“They’re going to conceal assets. So, please first attach these assets and preserve them and once that is done, proceed with the main case against the people. The law says it doesn’t matter if your assets are seized without advance notification”.

Reports say Eskom paid the consultancy firms for help with the power utility’s turnaround strategy. However, the power utility company claims the contract was awarded unlawfully.

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