Eurovision Song Contest final tickets sell out in 36 minutes

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Tickets for the 2023 Eurovision song contest grand final in Liverpool, England, in May sold out in little over 30 minutes on Tuesday, say organisers.

Britain is hosting the 67th contest on behalf of Ukraine, the winner of the 2022 competition that was ruled out from hosting because of the on-going conflict there.

The European Broadcasting Union asked Britain, which was the 2022 runner-up, to step in.

Tickets for the grand final were priced between 160 pounds and 380 pounds ($192-456), while tickets for the two semi-finals were priced between 90 pounds and 290 pounds.

Around 3,000 tickets for a total of nine shows and six previews, two semi-finals and the grand final – will be made available for displaced Ukrainians for a charge of 20 pounds per sale, the British government say last month.