East Africa’s winery sector is expected to expand rapidly over the next few years. Winery which is a relatively new industry in the region has seen massive growth as a result of demand from China and Europe.

Although the regions hot and harsh tropical climate is not conducive for the plantation and growth of grapes many countries in the region are now experimenting with grape farming.

Wine produced in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda has a unique tropical flavour that many consumers are now wanting to taste. The sector is expected to compete with South Africa which is the leading wine producing country on the continent.

Ethiopia is just one of the few countries in East Africa that has seen a massive expansion of its horticulture and winery industry.

The country boosts massive sells of various wine brands to Asia , Africa and North America. The government has also injected capital to boost emerging wine farmers.

Wine farming is a fairly new industry in East Africa. There are no available statistics to record how much income is being generated from the sector .

Ethiopia says they have also seen the reduction of wine imports as a result of growth in the sector.

Castel wine production manager Yitbarek Girma says, “In Ethiopia the biggest importation is from South Africa and Kenya but sine we started producing importation is reducing. Wine making is now shifting to tropical regions and in Ethiopia there was a trial 30 years ago in wine making and the grape growing is conducive cause the soil is highly fertile and our wine has natural aroma like coffee.”

– By Amina Accram