eThekwini Municipality aims to improve water sanitation in flood conditions

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The eThekwini Metro in Kwa-Zulu Natal says its plans are afoot to foster partnerships with countries which can impart knowledge of water sanitation in flood conditions.

After heavy flooding in KwaZulu-Natal in April last year, plastic and debris landed up in most of the rivers and estuaries, threatening the eco-systems and marine life.

Eric Apelgren is the Head of International Relations in the eThekwini Metro.

“We took a huge knock. Our infrastructure in particular had sewage and sanitation compromised, and those are being repaired, but I think we need to do more, and what we are doing with our international partners, in particular, most of the G-20 countries, is looking at best practices and learning from other countries on how to put in place mitigation strategies, and loads how do you deal with the current crisis. We are sending teams to Germany to look at how they have dealt with water and sanitation problems in flood conditions.”

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