Eswatini Prime Minister tests positive for COVID-19

Ambrose Dlamini
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The Prime Minister of Eswatini, Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini, has contracted the coronavirus. In a statement, Dlamini says he is asymptomatic and feeling well but in isolation.

He says he will continue to work from home and those he has come into contact with over the past week are being tested and expected to self-isolate as per health guidelines.

“May I take this opportunity to remind Emaswati the importance of adhering to all COVID-19 health guidelines at all times which include washing hands regularly with running water and soap or using a sanitiser, wearing a face mask in public and observing social distancing protocols. Avoid crowded places and and ensure to only stay in properly ventilated spaces even when using public transport.”

Swaziland has 6 095 infections and 119 fatalities.

Dlamini says as projections point to a possible second wave of infections, the government continues to intensify its response to the virus.

“As per our newly launched campaign “Mgcini Wesive”, we should not tire of looking after one another and encouraging adherence to all health protocols at all times,” he concludes.