Eswatini government imposes a curfew amid pro-democracy protests

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The government of Eswatini has expressed concern about the ongoing pro-democracy protests.

The kingdom has also dismissed as false reports that King Mswati III has fled the country. It re-assured the nation that his majesty was in the country and working with the government to advance the kingdom’s goals. Protesters are demanding electoral reforms and, schools and government institutions have been closed.

Pro-democracy protests continue in Eswatini. In an attempt to return the situation to normal, the government has introduced a curfew. People are not allowed to be on the streets from six o’clock in the evening and five o’clock in the morning.

The government of Eswatini has described the ongoing protests as criminal. Some of the ports of entry, especially on the side of Eswatini, were reportedly closed.

Acting Prime Minister, Themba Masuku has assured residents of Eswatini and the international community that the situation will be returned to normal.

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A call for unity 

The People’s United Democratic Movement (Pudemo) has urged Amaswati to continue pushing for reform.

The organisation believes it is time for Eswatini to have a multi-party democracy.

Communist Party Of Swaziland’s Pius Vilakati discusses the root causes of the protests: