Eskom’s new tariff to have ripple effect

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Eskom’s 18.65% tariff increase will have a ripple effect on consumers as the cost of living continues to rise.

The increase has taken effect for the power utility’s standard tariff or non-municipal consumers.

Electricity tariff increases for consumers who pay directly to their municipalities will take effect on July 1, 2023.

The municipal increase is 18.49%.

Senior energy researcher at the Council for Science and Industrial Research, Monique Leroux says, “There is probably a great amount of apprehension for electricity consumers about the tariff increases that are kicking in. The general feeling is that there will probably be more increases in the next couple of years as well to get Eskom to a cost-reflective tariff that they feel they need to get to keep their business operational.”

“These tariffs have been summed up as being largely unjust and unfair. Customers and businesses probably can’t afford these increases. The fact that there is load shedding and businesses need to have alternative sources of generation have increased food prices by around 20%.”

VIDEO | Eskom to effect increases: