Eskom warns rains could cause more load-shedding

Eskom warns that rains could cause more load shedding this festive season
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Eskom has warned that any rains could affect the on-going measures to avoid load-shedding during the festive season.

Eskom is currently running diesel generators while pursuing urgent coal purchasing from different suppliers to rebuild coal stockpiles in some power stations.

Experts have warned that Eskom faces a supply crisis – as coal supplies run low and mines are depleted.

However, Eskom has warned that plans to acquire coal could be negatively affected by the rains.

Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe says, “We cannot discount the fact that we are going to have rain in Mpumalanga where the power stations are. We are likely to have a situation where coal gets wet and becomes unusable. Remember to generate electricity a lot of coal is needed so that even if there is rain not all coal gets wet. But now that we have a small amount of coal, it’s all going to get wet which you cannot use at all.”

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