Eskom to place those responsible for explosion at Medupi on precautionary suspension

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Eskom says it will be placing those responsible – for an alleged deviation in maintenance operations at Unit Four of the Medupi power station that appears to have led to the damaging explosion – on precautionary suspension. The explosion caused extensive damage to Unit Four.

The suspensions will be pending an investigation. The incident also caused Unit 5 to trip.

Eskom says it will keep the public up to date on any effect that the incident will have on the power supply.

Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha explains:

“The incident occurred during an activity to displace hydrogen with carbon dioxide and air respectively for the purposes of finding an external leak. Following a preliminary investigation, it appears that while performing this activity, the air was introduced into the generator at a point where hydrogen was still present in the generator which had sufficient quantities to create an explosion. Eskom has undertaken to place those employees who were responsible to manage and execute this work under precautionary suspension pending the conclusion of the investigation.”

In the video below Eskom confirms that Unit 4 of its Medupi Power station experienced an explosion: