Eskom to launch stage one Load-shedding

Eskom elecrical poles
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Eskom says it will only implement stage one load-shedding in the country today. Load-shedding which is due to generators that are offline will be between midday and 10pm on Sunday.

Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe however says if the situation remains the same, load-shedding could also be implemented tomorrow. He says the schedule for each area is available on Eskom’s website.

“Unfortunately at 12.15 this afternoon Eskom was forced to implement stage one load-shedding because of a lot of breakdowns at our power stations and also importantly some of our power generating units are using water.

They are pumps in storage facilities so meaning that the dam levels are now at a lower level, you need to push the water up to an upper dam. That uses a lot of electricity so that’s what Eskom is doing now so that we can start using it for later this evening or also for the start of a new week.

All of these things are resulting in the unfortunate situation where we have to implement stage one load-shedding,” says Phasiwe