Eskom has announce that it will implement Stage 2 rolling blackouts from 2pm on Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning at 05:00am.

Eskom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) André de Ruyter says they are doing what they can to prevent the risk of rolling blackouts.

He was briefing the media in Johannesburg.

On Tuesday, the power utility warned that it could implement rolling blackouts again.


This after five generating units failed at the power utility’s different power stations.

De Ruyter explains the current status of the national grid.

“We are running diesel. At the moment we have 8 OCGT [open cycle gas turbine] in operation. This is of course not desirable. OCGTs are intended to operate on a peaking basis only. So continued high levels of diesel consumption [is] not desirable.”

“Our dams are still in a good condition, we think that there is adequate reserve there to protect us against sudden outages. Our diesel levels are being replenished as we speak. So from reserve capacity in the system is reasonably under control,” adds De Ruyter.

The video below, is reporting on the rolling blackouts: