Eskom takes City Power to court over R1-billion debt

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Eskom says City Power in Johannesburg is among the defaulters that are threatening its financial stability.

Eskom has confirmed that it has taken City Power to court for defaulting to the tune of more than one billion rand. City Power started defaulting on its payments in October last year.

Eskom’s Gauteng spokesperson, Amanda Qithi says, “Before we get to such an extent, we first have quite a number of engagements with the municipalities. But it’s really, really the last resort to engagements with them, with their dispute meetings with them, just to let them know that we’re going to be going into this.

We’ve also issued them with the notices … prior to us going to submit the application.  So there have been several engagements, but unfortunately, this has been going on for a while. And if you look at their monthly bill, it’s quite high. So it really does put a huge dent in our financial standing.”

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