Eskom says it has nothing further to add regarding allegations of corruption and dishonesty against its Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jan Oberholzer.

The power utility says the Eskom board twice asked two independent lawyers to investigate the COO.

First in July 2019 when the allegations first surfaced. The investigation found no substance to the claims.

The board then asked Advocate Nazir Cassim early this year to investigate. Cassim was given the power to interview everyone and all witnesses that he thought might assist with the investigations, including access to all Eskom documents. Advocate Cassin too didn’t find any basis for the allegations.

Eskom says there is also a court case pending regarding the same matter.

Load shedding in Gauteng

Some Gauteng residents say load shedding has forced them to risk their lives to go in the bushes to collect wood to make the fire for cooking and warming up. They say they were promised that there would be no load shedding during the national lockdown but that promised has not been kept.

Grade 12 learners are also complaining about the negative impact it has on their studies.

The drop in temperatures in Gauteng has affected those less fortunate as they have to bear the brunt of coldness. Some say because they are not working, collecting wood is their only option to keep their homes warm.

Residents of Khutsong in Carletonville on the West Rand have appealed to Eskom to restore power in their area.