Eskom outlines measures for reliable power supply during winter

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Eskom has attributed the current uninterrupted power supply to its two-year generation turnaround plan that was approved last year.

The power utility has managed to keep the lights on for at least two weeks.

Meanwhile, rolling blackouts remain suspended until further notice.

Eskom board chairperson, Mthethwa Nyathi, says they have put in place measures to ensure reliable power supply during winter.

“The good thing is that there is nothing really special that we needed to do more than what we have been doing which is to implement the planned maintenance that we have been implementing. If you look at it, now that we are entering winter, we will be reducing the planned maintenance, giving us additional capacity to be able to take care of the additional demand that we will be experiencing during winter.”

Nyathi elaborates in the podcast below: 

Future of Electricity Ministry 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa expressed confidence that his ministry will no longer be needed by the end of the year.

Speaking at the NinetyOne Annual Infrastructure Forum last month, Ramokgopa said “For as long as I exist, you know that the problem exists. So I’m a personification of the problem if you know what I am saying. We are doing everything possible to address it.”

“I am more than confident that there will not be a need for this ministry by the end of this year.”

During a media briefing earlier this week on an update of the country’s Energy Action Plan, Ramokgopa attributed the current reduced levels of blackouts to Eskom’s increased planned maintenance and good management.

Ramokgopa added that electricity supply is currently higher than demand, saying that planned maintenance allows for the accelerated sourcing of spares.