Eskom not aware of employees planned strike

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Eskom says it has not received any notice of a planned strike by employees. This after reports surfaced on Monday suggesting that South Africa could be plunged into darkness once again due to a possible strike.

Senior managers are demanding a salary increase of 4.7% which is the equivalent of what has been granted to middle management.

Last week, Eskom announced a net loss of R20.7 billion.

The power utility has confirmed that senior manager have dragged it before the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) after not receiving salary increases and incentive bonuses in the past year.

Eskom Deputy Spokesperson Dikatso Mothae says they have not received any indication from employees on striking.

“As Eskom, we have not received any indication from our employees of their intentions to strike. We do not expect any employees at this stage to engage in any industrial action. What we can say in regards to wage negotiations … you’ll remember last year, in terms of our bargaining unit employees, we set it on a three-year wage agreement where increases would be 7.5%; 7% this year and another 7% for the following year.

“Now, middle management then got a 4.5% increase, which they are not happy with and took the matter to the CCMA. That case will be heard towards the end of August. In terms of our senior managers, they received no increase and they’ve taken that matter up with the CCMA and that case is due to be heard in November,” explains Mothae.