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‘Eskom is in a mess, we want to assist them’ : Johannesburg Mayor Moerane

30 October 2021, 11:20 AM  |  SABC Radio  | 

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Mpho Moerane has described Eskom’s inability to keep the lights on across the country as an absolute mess. This as relations between the City and Eskom deteriorate to a new low.

The City of Johannesburg has threatened to take legal action against Eskom for implementing load shedding despite the municipality securing adding capacity from Kelvin Power Station to exempt it from the rolling blackouts.

Eskom suspended load shedding on Friday night following some improvements in its generation capacity.

Moerane says they will proceed with plans to introduce their own energy mix.

“We are indeed aware that yes, Eskom is in a mess. That is something that we want to help them. We want to work with them. We want to assist them to make that the system does not collapse because we are getting almost 95% of our bulk from them. We are one of their key customers actually-  if not number one customer, we should be treated as such,” says Moerane.



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