Eskom introduces new prepaid meter system

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Eskom will introduce a new series of electricity vendor codes for all prepaid meters, across the country from the 24th of November 2024.

The power utility says the lifespan of the current vending codes of the meters will expire on this date.

Prepaid meter customers are asked to keep up with communication from Eskom and local media, to find out when their areas will be ready for recoding.

General Manager for Operations Enablement at Eskom, Velaphi Ntuli says they are confident on the success of the rollout.

“Based on the success of the soft rollout that we’ve done which has over 600 000 meters that we have rollover to the new key revision number. We are very confident that the implementation on this project is going to be both successful and on time. We have chosen the DIY approach where the customer will do this themselves, they will received the token that they will need to put on their meter. So you will not be having Eskom employees or contractors coming to your houses to do this.”