Eskom implements Stage 4 load shedding on Friday

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Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 4 rotational load shedding from two o’clock on Friday afternoon.

The power utility began with power cuts on Thursday and continued with Stage 2 on Friday morning.

Eskom’s Chief Operations Officer, Jan Oberholzer says this is due to a shortage of capacity and a highly constrained power system.

“I believe it is constrained, I wouldn’t say permanently constrained but it is. We need time to fix it. We expect a big unit back this afternoon, so I don’t foresee any stage higher than stage four.”

Oberholzer has outlined how Stage 4  rotational load shedding will affect consumers.

“Stage 4 means we need 4000 megawatts. We need to cut back 4000 megawatts from the grid in order to be able to supply in terms of the demand. So we tell the redistributors this is what we need and it is up to them to decide how they implement this. But you can expect 4 hours of load shedding.”