Eskom escalates rolling blackouts to Stage 6

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Eskom has announced that due to the unprotected industrial action, Stage 6 rolling blackouts will be implemented from 16:00 until 22:00 this evening.

Stage 4 will then be implemented at 22:00 until midnight.

Eskom says the rolling blackouts will be reduced to Stage 2 until 05:00 clock on Wednesday morning.

The power utility says the unprotected strike has caused widespread disruption to its power plants.

Stages of rolling blackouts explained:

Earlier, Eskom Chief Executive Officer Andre de Ruyter outlined a number of issues that the power utility was facing.

Eskom said that it had experienced a further loss in generation capacity amid the ongoing impact of labour unrest and maintenance backlogs.

Speaking during a media briefing, De Ruyter said, “I referred earlier to the unlawful industrial action that we are currently experiencing. This has increased in intensity during the night. At Lethabo, we have seen some pretty severe incidents of intimidation. Four homes of plant operators have been attacked with petrol bombs overnight. About 70 maintenance staff is absent which creates an atmosphere of fear.“

De Ruyter pleaded with Eskom employees to halt the illegal labour action and put South Africans first.

“The Eskom management with the support of the board is working very hard to do what is necessary within the constraints that we have from a financial point of view to resolve the matters at hand and ensure that we can bring an end to this unlawful illegal strike action.”

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