Eskom employees down tools at several power stations

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Eskom says power supply has not yet been disrupted after some workers downed tools at several of the utility’s power stations.

Spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe says outages are possible.

The workers’ action follows a wage deadlock that has lasted for weeks.  Load-shedding was triggered last month following earlier protests.

Phasiwe says striking workers are intimidating non-striking employees and refusing them entry into some of the power stations.

“At several power stations we have incidents of intimidation. This morning for example at Dube power station there was a coal truck which was hijacked and the coal was dumped at the entrance of the power station prohibiting movement in and out of the power station. In other power stations as well like Majuba, the trucks have stopped moving in because of the acts of intimidation and we are beginning to see trouble brewing,” says Phasiwe.

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