Eskom confirms dispute with SARS over diesel tax rebate

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Eskom has confirmed that it has an on-going dispute with the SA Revenue Services (SARS) over its tax rebate on diesel purchases.

Energy experts say Eskom has become reliant on its open-cycle gas turbines as primary energy generators, which are powered by diesel.

Eskom is currently implementing Stages 3 and 4 rolling blackouts.

Eskom’s Spokesperson is Sikonathi Mantshantsha says, “Yes, there is a dispute with SARS on the amount of rebate that Eskom should be getting because it buys diesel at the wholesale price rather than the retail price that you and I pay at the pumps which does include other taxes.”

“For the wholesale price, Eskom believes it is entitled to a certain amount of money. I do not want to divulge the amount at this point, lest I be wrong. Yes, there is a dispute and a discussion going on with SARS,” Mantshatsha adds.

Mantshantsha on SAfm’s Sunrise show:

VIDEO: Energy analyst Chris Yelland weighs in on Eskom’s woes: