Power utility Eskom says there is a possibility of rotational load shedding across the country from 9 am on Wednesday morning.

Eskom says this is a result of a shortage of capacity.

The rotational load shedding is expected to last until 11 pm.

The country last experienced load shedding in March this year.

Johannesburg’s power utility (City Power) has urged residents not to panic as this is only a possibility…

“Eskom through its alert says there is a strain on their network caused by the problems with capacity in a generation. So we will be as the City of Johannesburg, city power, in particular, we will be implementing this because we get our electricity from Eskom so we will be using the same schedule that we used in our last load shedding. We will update if there are any changes. We are on standby as this is a possibility and it may not happen so we urge our customers not to panic.”